Event Marketing

Domain’s Exclusive Bowlero Event

Insight: Event Marketing is not only a great way to build brand awareness for potential customers but also a way to have your team engage with them as well. In November 2019, Domain Computer Services held a fall networking event at Bowlero in North Brunswick, NJ. For this event to be a success, we helped them create a strategy to engage with target audiences.

Press play to get a glimpse of what happened at our event.


  1. Create a landing page with the event details and area to RSVP.
  2. Contact individuals (prospects & clients) in an engaging, personalized email sequence driving them to the landing page.
  3. Follow up with a handwritten invitation.
  4. Provide a welcoming and fun experience at Bowlero for the attendees.
  5. Post about the event on social media.

Personalized Email Sequence

By sending out personalized emails to our contacts, we were able to know exactly who was interested in attending the event. By inviting this way, we also strengthened each relationship even more. This started with engaging 1,468 individuals with a sequence of 3 personalized emails. The last stage of the sequence involved sending out a postcard to those that showed interest.

Handwritten Postcard

We designed a postcard invitation and printed 100 copies to send. We then wrote personalized handwritten notes on them before sending them out. 25 people ended up RSVPing to the event, while 15 ended up actually attending – including 2 clients and 13 prospects.


Post-event, 2 new opportunities came in for Domain and it renewed a prior conversation. Aside from the opportunities brought in, the engagement on social media was also impressive.