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Discussions By Domain

Insight: Starting in April 2019, we started our podcast Discussions by Domain. Since then, we’ve produced over 70 episodes, putting out one per week and growing a listening audience. We are dedicated to helping business leaders in the northeast connect with experts in their backyard to understand how they approach their field and the challenges they are solving every day for their customers.

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  1. Make connections and build relationships with leaders in a variety of industries in New Jersey.
  2. Create a resource of continuous content that business leaders can benefit from.
  3. Drive more traffic to our website.

Industry Variaiation

Our guests include individuals from fields such as staffing, IT, law firms, colleges, banking, marketing agencies, and more. We’ve been able to host *62* guests on our podcast since it’s start in 2019. Each episode gives insight into the successes and challenges they face, giving tips and tricks for our listeners to benefit from.

From Left to Right:
Anthony Degraw, Charles Stults, Lawrence D. Quattrone, Christina Fowler.

Content Hub

From each weekly episode we can pull out video clips, blog articles, quotes, and sound bites that can be pushed on social media. All of which drives more traffic to our website’s podcast page and allows visitors to browse our other services as well.


We’ve come to see that starting a podcast, or something similar, is a sure way to consistently produce content that at the same time opens the door for new business relationships.