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Fitness & Wellness

Insight: Fitness & Wellness Professional Services has 10 hospital affiliated fitness & wellness centers spanning New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness homepage before. 


1. Modernize the design of 9 websites to have consistent branding and improve the user experience.

2. Take into account that the websites were hosted on different platforms and inconsistently collected data.

Filterable Profiles

For a project like this, we as designers made it our mission to create websites that adhere to what your needs are in a smart way. Beyond just a fancy design. Each one these 9 websites had consistent branding that was in line with what they envisioned.

Since gyms involve memberships, workout classes, and changing hours; we integrated easy to use plugins that worked as schedules for visitors to stay up to date and sign up for what they were interested in. As well as for new members to easily join for the first time.

Special announcement pop-ups, page animations, personalized staff blogs, and the use of their professional photography was icing on the cake.


Take this as an example that we want every person that visits your site to have the best experience possible and appreciate what your company has to offer.