Website Design


Insight: Paulaur Corporation has been an innovative leader in the food, pharmaceutical, and ingredients industries since 1980.

Roll over the image to see a preview of the site.

Paulaur homepage before. 


  1. Modernize the design.
  2. Use strong imagery.
  3. Create an interactive product catalog allowing users to inquire about pricing.
  4. Clear and easy to understand messaging.
  5. Site integration with their CRM.

Modernize the Design

By pulling out the key focal points of Paulaur’s quality and procedures, we were able to create an interactive user experience inviting users to hover for more information rather than making them scroll down the page and read paragraphs.

Use Strong Imagery

The client wanted to showcase their variety of colorful toppings and different ways to incorporate them in the kitchen. The professional photography combined with the modernization of the style came together to create a clean design.

Create an Interactive Catalog

The client wanted website visitors to have the ability to browse their catalog of product offerings, but not actually be able to purchase anything. By modifying the WooCommerce plugin, we created an interactive catalog that allowed users to request pricing.


A colorful, contemporary website with clear navigation and an interactive catalog.