Social Campaign

Alien Router Giveaway Campaign

Insight:  Since Domain is a technology company and specializes in remote work set up, in the wake of COVID-19, giving away a wifi router was a perfect fit.

Roll over the image and see a preview of the landing page.


  1. Set up a landing page on the website for visitors to learn about the giveaway and to enter by putting in their name, business, and email. Our preferred CRM tool Hubspot logged every individual that entered and tracked them with cookies.
  2. Utilize organic and paid posts via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram to get the word out. All while pushing it to target audiences we narrowed down on each platform.
  3. Acquire more emails and contacts that will lead to conversions down the line.
*Each step of this process can be repeated and work for your company as well in its own unique way.

HubSpot Tracking

Using url tracking through HubSpot, we were able to make custom links for each social platform to see where most of our audience is connected and keep track of how many actions each person took.


We gained — new contacts and — new followers on our social accounts. Not to mention various messages from people who entered admiring the idea and opportunity.